We will determine which species your sample belongs to, based on the DNA sequence of a particular gene.  Our test can determine the
sequence of this gene from almost any animal ranging from jellyfish to whales. Our test is designed to distinguish one species from
another but does not distinguish between individuals of the same species. We can test almost any form of fish and routinely test raw,
cooked, smoked and dried samples.

We only require about 1 milligram of fish meat, which is about the size of half a grain of rice. A fish sample of this size can be sent in 2
drops of rubbing alcohol (also labeled 70% isopropyl alcohol) which acts as a preservative.

However, many customers find it easier to send whole fish or whole fish fillets. In this case FishDNAID will perform the necessary
sampling at no extra charge to you! Samples can be sent frozen on dry ice, or cold on wet or blue ice.

For samples received by Friday of one week, we will provide your results before Friday of the next week. You will receive a report by
email telling you to which species your sample is most closely related. In most cases we will be able to tell you the exact species name
of your fish sample.

A written report can also be provided by regular US mail if desired.

Technical details on what exactly we will do:

1.  We will extract DNA from your sample.
2.  We will use PCR to amplify part of a mitochondrial gene (16S ribosomal RNA) from this DNA.
3.  We will determine the DNA sequence of this mitochondrial gene fragment.
4.  We will compare this DNA sequence to all of the fish DNA sequences in the universal database GenBank
to see which is most similar to your sample.
5.  We will send you a report listing the best matching species and the percent identity of the match and our interpretation on whether
the match is close enough to be considered exact

Statistical Analysis:
Our normal analysis will tell you what species the particular piece of fish sampled belongs to, but you may interested in determining
how likely it is that a large lot (many more than 60 pieces) is all the species labeled. This requires a statistical approach. It takes a
surprisingly large number of samples to detect 5% off-label with 95% confidence.

One mathematical approach to determining the required number of samples goes like this:

If the lot has 5% off-label, then 1 sample has a 95% chance of being the labeled species.  Each additional sample also has a 95%
chance of being the labeled species.  The cumulative probability of NOT detecting even one off-label sample is given by .95 to the nth
power where n is the number of samples:

(.95)^10 = .6
(.95)^20 = .36
(.95)^40 = .16
(.95)^80 = .02

So for 80 samples, there is only a 2% chance that we will fail to detect 5% off-label pieces. Or to put it more positively, there is a a
98% chance that we will detect 5% off-label

Statistically Validated 5% Off-Label With 98% Confidence Test

This test requires you to submit 96 randomly selected samples, we guarantee to obtain at least 80 DNA sequences from these
samples, which will give the 98% confidence of  detecting 5% off-label.  We will process all 96 samples and so may obtain up to 96
sequences, depending on various factors including the quality and uniformity of you sampling method.

Statistically Validated 5% Off-Label With 98% Confidence Test for homogeneous animal products

This test is designed to tell which species a processed animal product is made from.   For example, it could tell you if a fish meal were
made only from fish or if it included other animals.  Whereas our normal test tells you the predominant species in a sample, this test
separates the individual DNA molecules before sequencing so even minor components of the mixture are detected.  For this test, we
extract DNA from only 1 sample, but we sequence 96 individual DNA molecules.

Individual Tests:

Weekend Special (3 sample minimum)
$39 per sample

If we receive your samples on Friday, get results by noon EST Monday. Only valid for samples received on Friday (compare to our Rush
DNA Fish Identification)

Standard DNA Fish Identification (up to 4 samples)

Our standard identification test for up to 3 samples for a total of only $149.

Rush DNA Fish Identification

This service is designed for customers wishing to receive their results as soon as possible. We can provide results by 5pm EST the day
after receiving the sample.

Eight Sample DNA Fish Identification

Standard DNA fish identification service of up to 8 samples.

Ninety-Six Sample DNA Fish Identification

Standard DNA fish identification service of up to 96 samples.  Includes repeat analyses on samples that fail to give usable sequence
the first time.

More Than 96 Sample DNA Fish Identification
$ ---
For customers who wish to identify more than 96 samples we offer significant discounts on an individual customer basis.
Customers interested in this service should contact us at
David AT FishDNAID.com.
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