1. Do you only accept payment through Paypal?
We are currently only accepting payments through Paypal online but if you wish to pay through another form of payment contact us at
David AT FishDNAID.com to arrange for other forms of payment.

2. Do you only perform DNA identification testing on fish samples?
The same testing method applies to other forms of seafood, but testing is done on an individual customer basis. We currently only
perform testing on seafood samples. For information on DNA identification of seafood samples other than fish contact us at
David AT

3. Does it have to be a raw sample of fish?
No. Raw, fresh, frozen, grilled, broiled, fried, dried, pickled, or nearly any other sample of fish is sufficient. All the Fish DNA ID testing
requires is a very small fish meat sample.

4. Can you identify any kind of fish?

5. How much fish do I need to send?
We only require about 1 milligram of fish meat, which is about the size of half a grain of rice. However, many
customers find it easier to send whole fish or whole fish fillets. In this case FishDNAID will perform the
necessary sampling at no extra charge to you!

6. How should I send my fish?
A fish sample about have the size of a grain of rice can be sent in 2 drops of rubbing alcohol (also labeled 70% isopropyl alcohol). Larger
samples can be sent frozen on dry ice, or cold on wet or blue ice. Priority mail will take about 2 to 3 days. UPS or FedEX offer next day
delivery if you need your results faster. If you send your sample by FedEx to arrive on a Saturday remember to check the Saturday
delivery check box.

7.  Do I have to make an appointment to send my fish?
If you let us know your samples are on the way we can be ready to begin the analysis procedure when they arrive. If you want a Rush
Fish DNA Identification test, please let us know by either phoning (904)471-1984 or email
David AT FishDNAID.com
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