Our every day low rate to identify 4
single fish meat samples is only
We are not currently accepting any samples for analysis.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mission Statement:
It is our mission to provide seafood importers, wholesalers, restaurateurs, and consumers with the fastest, most
accurate, and cheapest species identification available.

What do we do?
FishDNAID provides the lowest cost DNA based species identification available and because all testing is
performed in our laboratory by a PhD biologist you can be sure it's done accurately and that we can handle all your
unique identification needs!

How do we do it?
FishDNAID uses a DNA based technique commonly referred to as DNA barcoding. Unlike outdated protein based
techniques DNA barcoding is much more accurate. The particular gene used by FishDNAID for DNA barcoding has a
well documented history in phylogenetics (the study of the relatedness among various organisms) but FishDNAID
is currently the only fish species identifier using this particular gene. As a result of our unique approach we can
provide the lowest priced DNA based identification available for any species (not only fish)!

How long does it take?
If you need your results in a hurry try our Rush DNA Fish Identification test and you will have your results by 5pm
EST the day after the samples are received.

How much does it cost?
Prices start at just $149 for up to 4 samples. Customers with more samples or a long term commitment to
identification can receive substantial discounts.
Know what you buy
Know what you eat